On a Quest to Pave New Paths... Again

September 21, 2018

As I sit here ready to launch a new version of my old self once again, I find myself reflecting on what I have always known to be true and thought it would be an ideal topic to lay the groundwork for how I approach this love affaire business, and why I decided that a comprehensive service such as Verdieck Equine Services was desperately needed. Like many things in life, it extends well beyond the topic of horse trading.


I have always functioned on the firm belief that the process of buying and selling horses rests on four pillars:

1. An honest assessment of each horse(s)

2. An Online Sales Directory that is supported by professional, multi-platform marketing and advertising strategies

3. Matching the right horse(s) to the right buyer(s)

4. Maintaining the highest level of integrity

In my several decades of experience facilitating horse sales at every level, I believe that each of these pillars must be present to hold up the foundational experience of both the buyer and the seller... and ultimately the horse.


The Verdieck Equine Services Sales Directory is set apart in these ways:

  • Each horse that is listed receives the advantage of the instant credibility of Verdieck Equine Services by my networking connections... a key benefit that immediately sets this directory apart from other options. When I represent a horse, buyers around the world have a confidence (built on decades of reliable consistency) that it will be presented truthfully and fairly. And while it remains a habitual fact that horses sell quicker if they have been evaluated by me either in person or by video, the bulk of horses sold by VES are sold sight unseen – a demonstrative statement that expresses a deep, longstanding trust by buyers who have purchased horses from me time and time again.

  • This service doesn’t just list your horse(s) on yet another passive online directory, while the client waits hopefully in the fringes. On the contrary, listing the horse with us is just the first step. Once it is listed, the extensive and ongoing networking begins, to my clients’ benefit.

  • We don’t just move horses... we connect them to the right people. Everyone wins when the right buyer connects with the right horse.

  • Integrity is crucial. The strength of a reputation is built over decades; integrity is my highest personal priority and one that has offered career longevity.


The Verdieck Equine Services Sales Directory is available for $75 the first month, and $35 each month thereafter for a minimum of six months (plus a 20% commission upon the closing of the sale). This listing fee covers the following ongoing, comprehensive support:

An advanced, multi-platform promotional campaign of the VES Online Directory to keep it front and center in an ongoing manner, while simultaneously reaching newcomers to the Arabian horse. With an extensive use of email blasts, advanced social media, entertaining and educational blogging by Eileen, and newcomer events like HoofbeatZ (which introduced thousands of new people to the wonderful world of Arabian horses), VES will target existing and international potential buyers, as well as – and most importantly – new Arabian horse enthusiasts!

Profound exposure through Eileeen’s extensive global travel. In a travel schedule that would make most hazy, Eileen gives new definition to “boots on the ground”... and her footprints can be found around the world! This type of global representation is a key differentiator for VES clients.

However, we are offering a Pre-Launch Introductory Special of $75 for the first three months for approved listings submitted by December 1st. If you have horses you’d like considered for the directory, please email us to request a VES Listing Form for the horse(s) you’d like considered.

But we aren’t done yet!

With a lifetime of experience in evaluating, judging and marketing Arabian horses, Verdieck Equine Services offers the following additional services:

- Elite Collection Representation (Elite individuals and exclusive shipped/frozen semen opportunities)

Pricing & Herd Evaluations (Assisting you in the exercise of pricing individual horses or a group of horses) v Business Management & Marketing Consultation for New or Existing Breeding Programs

- Outreach Events & Newcomer Seminars

- Whole Herd Sales Representation (Are you a breeding program that needs to move a lot of horses? This option is for you.)


Let’s pause on that last bullet point: Whole Herd Sales Representation. I’ve been hired by several breeding farms in the last few months to help them in this area and have assisted them in reducing their numbers significantly, thus allowing them the room to continue to breed. (Examples can be found on www.Facebook.com/VerdieckEquine)

In this spirit, I enthusiastically look forward to servicing the Arabian horse industry through innovative sales and networking, herd representation and reductions, education, and consultation.

The Arabian horse offers unending adventures. Thanks for joining me in mine.

- Eileen Verdieck